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Frank Theatre just closed its 26th season, and we were happy to have LOVE AND INFORMATION met with such great response! Watch for info about our student showcase, the result of our residency at MERC Alternative High School, in April and for news of Summer Splash in July!

Some reviews of Love and Information:

“God bless Caryl Churchill and Frank Theatre. … Love and Information, is one of the more peculiar, intriguing, mind-bending pieces of theater I’ve seen in a while….The actors all do amazing work, and the design backs them up… it was … a heck of a lot of fun to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.” --Matthew Everett, tcdailyplanet
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“Love and Information” is the theatergoer’s equivalent of speed-dating — except that you’re more likely to be glad you showed up… Churchill’s brilliant ear for dialogue, Knox’s tight direction and Erica Zaffarano’s spare set keep the instant-message merry-go-round spinning from each scene to the next…” –Kristin Tillotson, StarTribunef
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“Rarely is her work as accessible as 2012's "Love and Information," a collage of 57 scenes in which people seek and share information, using it as a tool and a weapon, a salve and a roadblock. It's a fascinating pastiche that eventually examines the nature of memory and how we use it and lose it… It's a rewarding workout for your brain that inspires you to think about how you use your brain.” –Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press
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“A cast of 14 actors is captivating audiences as multiple characters in [LOVE AND INFORMATION] at the Ritz Theater. It’s a dizzying but dazzling experience that measures the social barometric pressure of our time…. Brilliantly and variably costumed by Kathy Kohl and a sumptuous memory-triggering sound design by Dan Dukich… directed .. by the masterful Wendy Knox..” –Lavender
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“LOVE AND INFORMATION is a truly unique experience at the theater, and one that's quite fascinating and thought-provoking.…Director Wendy Knox and this fantastic cast, each of whom bring something uniquely interesting to the piece, have done a wonderful job constructing the piece and making it endlessly surprising, perplexing, and fascinating.”
–Jill Schaefer, cherryandspoon

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