The Board of Directors of Frank Theatre is envisioned as a policy-making arm of the organization, concerned with guiding and advising the organization in administrative and management areas and is not involved in the artistic decision-making process. The Board is responsible for assisting in fundraising, in generating in-kind contributions to the organization, and in actively promoting the theatre in the community through word-of-mouth advertising and any other means available; it is also responsible in assisting in audience development through the cultivation of potential audience members among personal and professional contacts. Board meetings are typically held once a month.

Spencer Putney, Board Chair
Vice President
Wells Fargo

Joe Holan, Treasurer
Assistant Vice President, Operational Risk
Wells Fargo

Wendy Knox, Secretary & Asst. Treasurer
Artistic Director
Frank Theatre

Tessa Flynn, Asst. Secretary
Community Engagement Coordinator
Children's Theatre Company

Leif Jurgensen, Asst. Secretary
Box Office Manager
Children's Theatre Company

Paul Markwardt, Asst. Secretary
Winthrop & Weinstine

Suzanne O'Brien, Asst. Secretary
Good Egg Communications

Zachary Stafford, Asst. Secretary

Emily Dalager, Asst. Secretary

Kelly Prosen, Asst. Secretary

Administrative Office | 3156 23rd Avenue South | Minneapolis, MN 55407 | 612-724-3760

[Last updated August 11, 2014]